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Eternal Sun Studios

My work for the film industry focuses on serving production Art Departments. While this often involves prop design and fabrication for highly custom key props or specialized actions, my services can encompass a much broader scope of work.

3D Modeling: Prop design for physical production or digital pipelines.
3D Scanning: part scaling, life casting substitute for makeup fx and prosthetics.
3D Printing: Prop fabrication, scale models, miniatures, etc.
Mold Making and Casting:
Fabrication: Sculpting (clay, foam, etc), welding, metal fabrication, lost wax casting

-From Dusk Till Dawn: Season 3
-Cliffs of Freedom
-Corporate Animals
-Interrogation: Season 1
-Manson Brothers Midnight Zombie Massacre
-Roswell New Mexico: Seasons 1 and 2