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It’s An Afterlife Sentence

This week we’re going to prison! Along with a slew of shameless pop culture references, we take a look at two of the most sordidly famous prisons in US History. First up, it’s death by creature with glowing red eyes, the angry souls of eternal inmates, and banjos in the shower. That’s right! Check out scenic Alcatraz as we explore some incredibly and terrifying true stories from it’s history as a federal penitentiary. Did you know inmates were the first to report supernatural happenings? After that we’re off to a hell hole famous for its brutal tortures devilish design. Eastern State Penn rounds out what we think is another of our “Do not miss” episodes.

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Hospitals: They Aren’t creepy

Actually they’re terrifying! This week we’re back exploring darkened halls and empty rooms as we relay allegedly true stories collected from actual hospital staff. As places where life enters the world and leaves the world, it’s really no wonder hospitals have such a strong reputation and connection with the paranormal.

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La Llorona Out to Get Us

The Woman Who Weeps is probably the most iconic ghost story and figure in folklore of the American Southwest. An enudring myth of tragedy with eternal consequences, join us as we explore the original legend and eye witness accounts of this terrifying ghost. La Llorona. One of my personal favorites because of how well known it is where we grew up and an astounding number of eye witness accounts. The Woman Who Weeps is an episode you don't want to miss.

Oh yeah, there may or may not be an inexplicable bang toward the end of the episode. It may or may not have made us flip...

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The St. James Hotel

This week, we kick off our first epidosde about one of our personal favorite place, the infamous St. James Hotel of Cimarron, New Mexico. It's a double dose of fascinating history from the Old West, and some of our best first hand run-ins with the supernatural.

Founded in 1872, the St. James is a who's who of names like Wyatt Earp, Buffalo Bill, Annie Oakley, and even more. With too many verified shootings in gunfights to count, it's one of the most notorious locations of the Old West, and a topic you won't want to miss.

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El Chupacabra

“This isn’t a ghost!” you say. We know, it’s not, but the Chupacabra and other crypts without question belong in the category of the paranormal and supernatural. When we dug into tales of the Chupacabra we weren’t sure what we’d find… well besides a fearsome beast notorious for it’s vampiric tendency to feed on livestock. Did you know most modern sightings were traced to incidents in Puerto Rico during the 1990s? Did you know that most sightings in the USA are probably very normal animals suffering from a really bad case of mange? Did you know that the government of Chile once initiated a government sanctioned, military hunt for the beast? Join us as we navigate the legend and decide for yourself if the Chupacabra is really something that goes bump in the night.

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Phantom hitchhikers and... femminism?

Ever heard the legend? You're driving along near dusk or after dark and suddenly you see a young woman in a white dress obviously in distress. You pick her up and drive her to an unfamiliar address. She's quiet, she keeps to herself, but being the Good Samaritan you are, you pay it no never mind. Finally you arrive at her destination, only to look in the rearview mirror and find your passenger has vanished into thin air! Join us this week as we explore the ghost story phenomenon of phantom hitchhikers! You'll learn, just like we did, just how old this type of legend really is. We'll cruise the haunted highways of Scotland, ride with ghostly nuns in Australia, flee the Pitty Pat of Shipley Lane Hollow, say hello to Resurrection Mary of Chicago and more as we encounter mysterious entities and a whole lot of ghostly young women. Oh yeah, there may also be a really surprising commentary about sexism... Don't miss what Sarah and I both think is our most fun, and interesting subject to date.  

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"More Bison Meatloaf to Haunt for" Part 2: The Stanley Hotel

We pick up the action right where it left off in part 2 of our episode on Colorado's Stanley Hotel. Roll your eyes or laugh out loud as we continue to creep ourselves out with more spooky photos. Then we get to the real meat and potatoes (gotta love that bison), as we go through some of the ghosts and ghost stories tied to specific rooms. Haunted caves? The Stanley... well kind of has them.  Ghosts that grab you, that charmingly inappropriate kissing cowboy, more phantom music, pictures that fly off the walls, disembodied voices, and everything gohstly you'd expect. So what do you think: Is the Stanley one of the world's most haunted hotels, or does it just enjoy a reputation forged through some of the most well known horror writing and film ever created?  

Check out the pictures from this week's episode: HERE

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"Bison Meatloaf to haunt for" part 1: The stanley Hotel

Our first in the Haunted Home series, join us in part 1 of 2 about Colorado's infamous, er... famous... Stanley Hotel, in Estes Park. A shining, ha pun, example of mass hysteria, or one of the United States most ghostly locales? In part 1 we stroll the grand setting of one our home state's most classic. Learn how ghosts may or may not have inspired Steven King to manifest his pop culture sensation. Discover how thanks to this hotel, Colorado has bee overrun with ghost tourists -live and dead. Get kissed by the ghost cowboy, and let a long dead head housekeeper unpack your suitcase! All that and the Brownlee Banter in Part 1 of this episode!

PART 2 Will be available next Wednesday...

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"Pipes and All"

Our sound is better, our banter is wittier, and our second episode is here! That's right, the haunted bathrooms episode is live. Ever wonder where the Bloody Mary legend actually came from? Ever wondered if your bathroom is haunted, or just the butt of a crappy joke? Do ghosts fart? Take a listen and find out!

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"The Clock strikes one"

Kick off the Ghost and the Garbage experience! We hit the ground running in our first episode with the first stories we remember hearing ranging from an English specter who enjoyed throwing pants and walking up and down stairs, clocks with faces, a mysterious presence, the headless horseman, disappearing cabins, and more! 
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