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The Jersey Devil is Really Bad

The Jersey Devil is really bad, It'll do things that make you mad. Flying around and scaring the people, Look at the chruch -it's on the steeple. Over the woods and through the river, It's got a taste for human liver. Sh*##ing on your religious creeds, THE 13th CHILD OF MOTHER LEEDS...


Tis the Season for Ghosts!

Christmas may be over, but Ghost in the Garbage is here for one last holiday hurrah before we kick off 2019! Did you know that Christmas and ghost stories actually have gone hand in hand for like hundreds of years? Join as we talk about THE Christmas ghost story, "A Christmas Carol," and dig in to an authentic holiday horror story from the 1890s. Oh yeah, also: Krampus!


And Then There Was This Weird Light: Will O’the Wisps

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to listen to Weston and Sarah talk about ghostswhile they're both really sick? Well now you can find out as we traverse the mysterious fae legend of our ancesteral home: Will O'the Wisps. Ancient and mesmerizing, these phantom balls of light are notorious for leading travelers away from safe paths and into danger. Follow us, if you dare...
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Brownlee Triple Threat: Haunted Kansas

We're back with a new episode of Ghost in the Garbage with our very first guest. That's right, Chip Brownlee is making his on air debut to join us in the mysteries of haunted Kansas! With our very own family farm dating back to the 1800's there's a lot of history, ghost trains, shower curtains, and the color blue. Don't miss it!


Haunted Lighthouses: Nuff Said

Just in time to cure your holiday Monday blues: It's Haunted Lighthouses! Journey to fog shrouded islands stalked by listless specters. Complete with Ax murders and pianos with one song, shipwrecks, and guys who may have ticked off the English military bootlegging beer with really low alcohol content, join us as we check out some of the most haunted lighthouses in North America!


It’s Halloween, so what could be better than Ghost in the Garbage? This year we’ve picked a terrifyingly fun topic with laughs, thrills, chills, and shrill shrill screams. Banshees are horrifying, Celtic spectes heralding immenent death with ear-drum rupturing wails, and while they aren't necessarily specific ot Halloween, they're horrifying nonetheless. This week we reach back into the bowels of history to cover banshee sightings dating back to the 1600’s and beyond, as well as taking a look at some that very well could have happened yesterday. Did you know critics of this spirit often cite misheard animal sounds as the culprit? Well what could be a better excuse to analyze some screaming animals? We’ll have more fun than a bag of spiders! Don't miss our first Halloween episode.


Stingy Jack: Legend of the Pumpkin

Joins us in kicking off Halloween 2018 with something a little bit different: An 8 minute short. Every wondered why Jack O’lanterns are such a thing at Halloween? Every wondered if the Devil would turn himself into a coin to pay for someone’s drinks? Wonder now more as we laugh our way through the legend behind Jack O’Lanterns.

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