Legend of the Locked Door

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This week we’re heading back to one of our favorite haunts, the St. James Hotel. With a reputation worthy go the best shoot ‘em up Western, and real history to match, the St. James is a hotbed for all kinds of ghostly tales. This week, we’re tackling one of the best.

Did you know that in this quiet town there’s a hotel room inside the St. James so haunted that it’s been kept locked tight since the 1980’s? We’ll brave the terrifying tale behind the locked door dating back to an ill fated poker game one stormy night in 1881, and learn why Thomas James Wright’s restless ghost, to this day, won’t even accept turn-down service. With thrills, chills, and some ghost stories of our very own, it’s another do-miss-episode.

Oh, and by the way: We might have happened to catch the ghost of the legendary TJ Wright in this photo taken once upon a time in the early 200’s. Ghost or Garbage? You decide…

Weston BrownleeComment