Your Job Is Haunted

Working 9 to 5 what a way to make a… yeah you get the idea. Work: That charming grind we all know and love all too well. Am I right? Let’s get real for a second here, most of us don’t have a workplace existence that gets out of bed Monday morning with an extra spring in our step. Well what if you worked inside a haunted building?
If you’re a normal person reading that you’re thinking, “Weston and Sarah, you’re out of your minds. That makes me want to come to work even less.” Well lucky for you and this podcast we are not normal people! Join us this week as we tell the tales of a building we both worked in, at the same time, and for two different companies that very well may be haunted. Were there really footsteps running back and forth in an empty warehouse? Was a ghost really dragging something heavy across a thick carpet rug? Are we just desperate for attention? You decide!

By the way: Do you work someplace that’s haunted? We’d love to hear about it. Maybe your story will be our next topic!

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