Murther Most Foul


We’re back and across the ol’ Pond to everyone’s favorite land of excellent tea, really big castles, and ghosts! Join us in lovely England as we explore to famous bastions of British grandeur and spookiness. Sarah kicks things off with Windsor Castle, the country home of the Royal family. It’s such a popular getaway for them, some very old members of the family are said to still walk Windsor’s halls. There’s also really downright scary stuff like statues garbed completely in black in the middle of an execution, that suddenly disappear. Also, say “Cloister” three times fast.

After Windsor, we’re off to that sunny English seaside and the ancient stronghold that even the Romans wanted: Dover. If you love colorful (like literally) apparitions, the sound of people falling off battlements, headless drummer boys (what is it with all these drummer boy ghosts?), and torsoless ghosts that may or may not be wearing pants, then this is the castle for you! Also, there’s these tunnels beneath the castle that run into the cliffs that are the site of Weston’s most incredible personal ghost story.

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Weston Brownlee