The Ladies Be Cray

All right, all right: We know not all the ladies are cray, but it was a catchy title. More so, as far as history is concerned, the two we’re talking about tonight very well may have been. Then again maybe not.
First we’ll venture to the Winchester Mystery House in sunny San Jose California. Sarah Winchester designed and built one of the strangest marvel’s of American architecture and if legend is to be believed, she did it all to trap the souls of those killed by her late husbands creations. That’s right, Sarah Winchester was the window of Sam Winchester, and heiress to Winchester Firearms. So was she really tormented by vengeful ghosts, or did she just have a flare for eccentric housing developments?
Next we take a look at one of the most notorious killers, although she was acquitted, in Victorian US history: Lizzie Borden. Accused of brutally murdering both her parents with an ax, Lizzie’s home, and the site of the murder is now an allegedly haunted bed and breakfast in New England.
Join us through these haunted halls and decide for yourself if they be cray, or nay…

Weston Brownlee