Eternal Sun Studios
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My career as a sculptor began with with bronze, and while I'm in the process of updating my portfolio, it continues to this day. While I am inspired to depict all sorts of wildlife, I have never been one much for the familiar animals one often sees standing in all their western, metallic glory. Rather, my portfolio emphasizes unique wildlife. Reptiles, amphibians, and insects. In the Southwest of the United States, beauty and danger in the natural world are often synonymous. I enjoy creating bronze sculptures that reflect this tension and truth with rugged and refined aesthetics. 



They say we know more about space than we do our own oceans. Sometimes I enjoy browsing the latest weird news about an unidentified monster's carcass that's washed up ashore in some remote part of the world, or the latest unidentified blur to sweep by some submarines camera. The Deep Dark Fathoms takes you to the darkest abysses beneath our oceans and imagines monsters that may lurk there, adding all kinds of fun bioluminescence to create a truly original and must-have series of sculptural lamps.