Studio Services

In addition to being the face of Weston’s portfolio of artwork, Eternal Sun Studios offers professional, creative services on a select basis to a number of industries. Primarily serving Albuquerque, Santa Fe, New Mexico, and the Southwest, design, mold making, resin casting, and 3D modeling, encompass the breadth of our studio services.


The Film Industry: Art Department Services

Specializing in the unique, bizarre, and hard to find, Eternal Sun Studios is often employed to fabricate props for stunt applications or those which fall outside the internal resources and capabilities of crew members to produce or procure. From weapon design to stunt cheese, click below to learn more about the solutions, specialization, and productions Eternal Sun Studios has worked with.


3D Modeling and Rendering

Whether you’re producing concept art, models for 3D Printing, digital assets, illustration, or any other application requiring design in the digital world, Zbrush, Keyshot, and photoshop are tools we use.


Mold Making and Casting

At the end of the day, doing anything is almost always about making something, right? From simple to complex, Eternal Sun Studios offers mold making, pressure casting, and rotocasting in a variety of materials.