Eternal Sun Studios
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Props and Practical Effects Design and Fabrication

for Film and Television

Art and Collectibles by Weston Brownlee

Erasing the line between digital and real



Welcome to Eternal Sun Studios

Serving IATSE Local 480 and independent features and television productions in New Mexico, Eternal Sun Studios specializes in using traditional fabrication
and cutting edge technology to design and fabricate props, practical effects, costumes, and more.

Art and Collectibles by Weston Brownlee


New Work

Check out some of my newest pieces currently available through exhibitions, galleries, or online exclusives!

Behind the scenes

It's no secret that a lot of work goes into producing any sculpture. From in process sculpts, 3D modeling in Zbrush, mold making, prop fabrication, and casting, I'm always up to something. 


STudio Services

Eternal Sun Studios offers unique creative services to professionals across an array of industries in New Mexico and the Western United States. Focusing particularly on the Hollywood film and television industry and custom-small run manufacturing, we specialize in 3D modeling, 3D Scanning, fabrication, mold making, casting, and moreā€¦