Breakaway glass

Eternal Sun Studios is one of the only local sources in New Mexico for breakaway glass and ceramic props, and offers the most comprehensive range of options. From glasses, to mugs, and even window panes, we are dedicated to meeting the needs and best interests of IATSE Local 480 and independent feature film and television productions filming in the state.

We provide standard glasses and bottles from our mold library, as well as offering custom molds and casts suited to the unique aesthetics and demands of individual productions. Our glass can be tinted or even painted to match specific ceramic objects like dishes and even lamps.

About Our Products
-Our products are made from specialty plastics, not sugar, and are NOT edible.
-Breakaway glass is considered safe for professionals and stunt performers, but shards can still hold an edge. Ask about our rubber glass shards if you need something even safer.
-All glasses and vessels we produce are capable of holding room temperature liquid. They are not considered food safe.
-All glasses and vessels should not be exposed to temperatures of 80 degrees or higher.

Ordering From Us
-Eternal Sun Studios is dedicated to serving productions in New Mexico, as a local source for breakaway glass props. We do not supply productions outside the state.
-In order to minimize the risk of breaking, we do not ship. Delivery or pick-up are offered.
-There is no delivery fee for orders delivered to Albuquerque. If applicable, delivery fee is based upon distance traveled.
-Due to the fragile nature of breakaway glass, we are not responsible for any breakage after delivery or pickup.
-Lead Time depends upon quantity ordered or scope of order. Typically, most orders can be completed within 5 business days.

Please Note: We are in the process of building this section of our website, showing our current inventory of options, and making glasses available for direct purchase online. In the meantime, please contact Weston directly to discuss your needs.