About Eternal Sun Studios 

While not yet a decade’s long tenure in the film and television industry, Eternal Sun Studios has been a unique resource to the film and television industry in New Mexico since 2015 and is most noteworthy for leveraging cutting edge technology normally used in CGI and VFX pipelines to design and manufacture key props, set dressings, costume pieces, and even practical effects. In simplest terms, we do everything from conceptual designs, 3D modeling, 3D Printing, mold making, casting, painting, fabrication, and more shares a place in the company’s capabilities. Having worked on 10 feature films and television shows and counting, the company regularly partners with Property Masters, Art Directors, Productions Designers, and others as a vendor and on-set. Our unique work and abilities are suited for any custom need a production might have.

Beyond film, Eternal Sun Studios also works with the creative and entertainment industries at large, including projects with companies like Meow Wolf, Form and Concept Art Gallery, and more.

About Weston

I kind of hate the typical “bio” and writing about my creative endeavors in the 3rd person. In my opinion it feels kind of reductive and even ingenue. So how about a little of the real me? I started all this in 2009, and somewhat by accident, as an artist’s apprentice to sculptor, James G. Moore. He taught me bronze and the lost wax casting process, but more importantly taught me that a career as an artist is something a person can actually achieve. Now a decade in, my portfolio of personal artwork and my work in film involves traditional sculpting, fabrication, mold making, manufacturing, 3D modeling, 3D Scanning, 3D Printing, and more -finding synergy between ancient traditions and really modern technology. I feel like I grew up during a really interesting historical moment: I remember when computers went from being retro-green boxes to now reading about quantum computing. I saw the dawn of email and 3D Printing. I’ve always strove to remain on the forefront of what’s new, without forsaking what’s traditional and honestly I think people can do some really cool things when they take that approach.

I’ve had a lifelong compulsion to create in some form or other and my passion for physics, mathematics, biology, zoology, geology, history, monsters, creatures, fantasy, science fiction, multiverse theory, time travel, folklore, the supernatural, and all the great stuff that makes the world such an interesting place is visible in some way or other in the work I do. I continue to create fine art bronze sculptures, as well as collectibles and designer toys. A lot of these you can find here on the site, or through the galleries that currently represent me.

In addition to working with the film industry as Eternal Sun Studios, I am also a member of IATSE Local 480 and have been a member of crews for feature films and shows shooting in New Mexico. Whether actually on a crew or running parallel I love helping make TV and movies because in my opinion both really are the medium for modern story telling, and let’s face it: Story telling has always been a big deal. There’s pretty much nothing cooler than getting to help build a world for other people to enjoy and experience.