“The Bogle”  2019 3D Model

“The Bogle”
3D Model

Fey Folk began on a bit of a whim in 2018 and wasn’t really a collection I envisioned as having any kind of popularity when I started it. It was truly a set of sculpts I did just for fun and then thought, “Why not see if this goes anywhere?” Since then, it’s become a line of artwork I devote regular, dedicated time to working on and truly some of my favorite pieces I’ve ever created. The series has moved from open editions to limited editions, with a new character being released every month. I’m currently planning to continue making them for the foreseeable future.
All of the characters in the Fey Folk line are based on real legendary and mythological fairies from the British Isles and mainland Europe. Some I’ve been familiar with since childhood while others are creatures I’ve learned more about since starting this line.

Every creature in this collection is my interpretation of a real fairy or fae creature from the cultures and legends of my ancestry. Some remain fairly true to classical descriptions, while others take greater liberties. Some are creatures you probably know or have heard of, while others were unknown even to me before I began the collection. I am from the United States, but my family’s roots are dominantly Scottish, and that cultural tradition and history is something that’s always been very prominent for us. While I didn’t necessarily grow up hearing these stories told out loud, I still remember coming across many as a child. I was also keenly aware that to this day there are plenty of people who believe in the Fae folk as being very real. The tales I learned growing up were fascinating and some genuinely terrifying.

Given their significance as stories from my own childhood, their traditional role as icons of folklore, and the fantastic nature which characterizes them, I enjoy presenting my versions of fairies in the designer toy format. Similarly, so many of these creatures appear in nurses rhymes and cautionary tales for children that it seems all the more fitting.

Culture is such an interesting force in conjunction with art. Generally it’s not something I think actively about when I start creating, but in the case of this collection it’s been a very personal and conscious force informing a tradition I’m personally connected to. I hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little more about my interest and inspiration in creating these creatures.