Behind the scenes of Fey Folk


Creating each new piece in the Fey Folk is a truly unique process, that evolved out of my background as a traditional bronze sculptor, and someone who appreciates the cutting edge of technology.

Step 1: The sculpt

Every month, I set out to bring a new fairy of legend to life in Fey Folk. After pouring over references, and discovering the characterization that inspires me, I set out to work in Zbrush. I’ve always loved digital sculpting because of how fluidly my skills working with actual clay translate. In a digital environment, I may not be able to reach out and actually touch my material, but each stroke is saved allowing me to move through different iterations and make quick changes without losing my work. Additionally, Zbrush offers powerful tools that go far beyond what I could do in physical clay in the same amount of time. The process; however is exactly the same: Blocking out primary forms, refining, detailing, and texturing. At times I have a very specific vision for each new Fey Folk character. At other times, I have an impression in mind and simply see what evolves as I work.

STep 2: Print Prep

Once the sculpting is done, the model goes through a series of verifications, hollowing, and sizing to prepare it for 3D Printing.