Bronze Sculptures

I began sculpting in 2009, starting off my career in fine arts as an apprentice to James G. Moore. While my style and skill have grown in the decade since, one thing that hasnā€™t changed is my interest in what I have come call the more unusual wildlife of the American West and the world. I have never been much one for the familiar animals one often sees standing in all their western, metallic glory. Rather, my portfolio emphasizes unique wildlife: Reptiles, amphibians, and insects. In the Southwest of the United States, beauty and danger in the natural world are often synonymous. I enjoy creating bronze sculptures that reflect this tension and truth with rugged and refined aesthetics. 

This page showcases piece from my collection of bronze sculptures ranging from when I began sculpting in 2009 to current work. Some of these sculptures are still in production editions, while others have been discontinued. Click a button below each piece to learn more about that piece as well as seeing other views. Please contact me for pricing and availability.


Edge of Time

Handle With Care.jpg

Handle With care


Over the Night